About Belinda

Hey guys, My name is Belinda. I am a born & raised southern girl. I've lived in Florida my entire life. I have done many things with my life, but when I got into fishing, I instantly fell in love with it. I've always dreamt about doing something I love and something I am good at, & I have...Fishing.


I come from a southern family, who loves to fish, go mudding, 4 wheeling, dirt biking, paintballing, Shooting rifles, horseback riding, having bonfires, having parties, fun at the mudd boggs, getting drunk on a boat, just enjoy being outside. I love to travel to beautiful places, & taking pictures is a big hobby of mine, a way to hold onto those memories.

My Hobbies


Of course my favorite thing to do is Fish. I prefer freshwater. Just being in the calming nature gives me peace. ALL Animals are very important to me. So I rescue pets when I can. I also have a great love for traveling to beautiful places. Beautiful beaches especially. I've been to Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, North Carolina where I saw snow for the 1st time in my life, since I've lived my entire life in Florida. I also love, capturing memories. I love to go to theme parks, paddle boarding, scalloping, boating, etc. And I love shooting guns just for fun(I do not shoot animals), Kayaking, riding jet skis, paintballing, anything outside or having to do with nature.

My Love For Fishing

I've loved fishing from the day I was taught, & that's when I started to fish every single day. I ended up being better at catching fish than my teacher. The nature, the peacefulness, getting away from the hustle of the city are all things I love about fishing. But I think seeing the faces of the people I teach who catch a fish for their first time, it is one of my favorite things about it all. I have always caught & released, & I always will. If anyone needs any fishing tips, feel free to email me or send me a message on my Chat Board on the bottom right corner.

Wekiwa Springs with the paddleboard_edit
My Experiences

I've traveled a lot, had a lot of different types of jobs and learned a lot of different skills. I've lost a lot too. But I still have a long life to live & a lot to do with my life. Starting my own brand is one thing I've always wanted to do. But not just for me, but for all you babes out there that kill it when it comes to fishing. This is for you too. This is your opportunity to get yourself out there & maybe get sponsored doing what you love. 

One of my trips to Clearwater Beach.

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