About Babes Catching Bass


This website offers many things for all types of people. Hot girls catching big fish. Videos as well. Tips to better your own fishing style. Blogs for everyone to read, a forum, a file sharing option, a members only page, a groups list, 2 Rewards programs that offer discounts, a News page that updates explains everything about the site and a Shop including clothes & shoes for men & women, jewelry, electronics, fishing gear & accessories, Options for babes to ​put themselves out there for Sponsors. I'm hosting challenges for girls who post their pictures, the entries with the most likes & comments, will win the monthly competition & will be posted on the site as "Hottest Babes Gone Fishing", "Babe of the month", "Hottest Babe Gone Fishing of the year" as well as being in the calendar and/or Poster. I will also promote those girls, on all my social media pages.

To enter into these competitions, go to the 'Groups List Page' and click the 'Join' Button. You can also go to the  Home page and scroll down to the black box, & click the "Submit your fishing pictures", The "About Page" and click the purple 'submit pics/vids button', The"Pictures of babes Gone Fishing" page, scroll to the bottom and click the pink 'submit your pictures/videos button'. Add your name, caption & Social media link if you like. Or just email me at Belinda@babesgonefishing.com. Be sure to put what you want to enter into the subject line, & put your name, caption and social media pages in the email.

Our Babes

Babes can submit pictures & or videos of themselves catching fish or pictures of babes holding fish. With your submissions, If you want, you can add your social media pages. The media you submit will be posted in our galleries tab, where people can submit comments & click a like button, just like instagram or facebook. Each month. Ihe picture or video with the most likes and comments willl be advertised as our "Most liked picture or video for the month". You Can submit these pictures and videos to my email on the contact tab. Come on ladies, show the world what you got!

Our Herritage

For those of you who love to fish, ride dirtbikes, 4 wheelers, go paintballing, go mudding, love to be outside and drink around bonfires, this website is for you. If you like hott babes who know how to catch fish, youll love our site!

Our Community


Chicks who like to hang with the dudes, who can fish just as well or better than them. Babes with skills. This site will post your pictures & videos & show your skills to the world. We're badass chicks, and this site will show you guys the correct way to catch fish & still look hott.