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On This site, you have permission to send me your pictures/videos with your name, caption & your contact information, so we can get ahold of you. And we will post you on the site as well as all of our social media sites, if that's something you're interested in. This site includes pictures of beautiful women fishing & catching fish, many Videos, entertaining activities, 4 different Shops full of many different products, including clothes, shoes, jewelry, electronics, fishing gear & accessories, a News page to update everyone on upgrades on the site, & opportunities to win prizes for entering & for winning the competitions with your submitted pictures. We also have Apps that provide discounts & more. You can always send the owner an email at belinda@babescatchingbass.com. Or a message on the right bottom of the all pages, labelled 'Members chat'. She is very understanding & very helpful. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of all pages, to give me advice or compliments, ask for  anything you like that we dont have in our shops, or just to give me a piece of your mind. I will not get offended for your opinions, whatsoever :D
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